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                  • sales@nbwoofan.com
                  • +86-0574-83035913
                  • WhatsApp:18957824355
                  • round recess former WF7-001
                  • round recess former WF7-002
                  • coupler WF10-002
                  • coupler WF10-004
                  • coupler WF10-006
                  • C Channel WF9-004
                  • coil insert WF4-003
                  • coil insert WF4-006
                  • coil insert WF4-008
                  • other WF12-009
                  • gear rack WF5-002
                  • gear rack WF5-006
                  • Aluminum clamp WF16-010
                  • Aluminum clamp WF16-013
                  • wire loop box WF6-001
                  • wire loop box WF6-002
                  • wire loop box with square plastic WF6-003
                  • wire loop box WF6-004
                  • wire loop box WF6-005
                  • lifting loop WF11-002
                  • lifting loop WF11-003
                  • lifting loop WF11-007
                  • lifting pin anchor WF1-003
                  • Utility Anchor WF1-007

                  Ningbo Yinzhou Woofan Industry & Trade Co .,Ltd

                  Ningbo Yinzhou Woofan Industry & Trade Co .,Ltd was founded in 2007,mainly specialized in Precast concrete accessories to residential and commercial projects in the world. Now our company has formed full service system integrated by R&D, design manufacture and sales and approved many certificate like ISO9001,ISO/ TS16949、ISO14001、OHSAS18001.

                  Our company is equipped with a complete set of production facilities and has a good team of qualified engineers and marketing staffs.Our products are widely used in the field of precast building material, bridge construction , mining and railway construction. Also our company invested many test equipment to improve the quality of the product.

                  Our products have good demands in Europe,USA,Middle East Country etc. We insist the tenet of  ”customer first, quality first, reputation first ” from the beginning of company establish. Sincerely look forward to establish cooperation with you in the near future. Customer’s satisfaction is woofan’s forever pursuit


                  Contact Us
                  WhatsApp: 18957824355
                  Shengjia Industrial Zone,Hengjie Town,
                  Yinzhou P.C.315100
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